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Website Designer in Thane


Website Designer in Thane


AVA LAB SYSTEMS PVT LTD is one of the leading supplier of lab fume hoods, furniture, air exhaust systems & scientific lab equipment to pharmaceutical, chemical, institutional & government organizations.

We are based in Mumbai/Thane in western India.

We represent the following brands as mentioned below:-

1)      RENGGLI AG – Switzerland - Lab Fume Hoods & Furniture
2)      SALVISLAB – Switzerland – Ovens, vacuum Ovens, CO2 Incubators, Water Bath, Stirrers, Glassware Washers
3)      FILTRA VIBRACION, S.L – Spain – Milles, Grinders, Sieve Shakers
4)      Quimipol – Spain – Wet Scrubber Systems
5)      SUMINISTROS GRUPO ESPER S.L – Multi Point Magnetic Stirrers
6)      BLOCK – Czeck Republic – Isolators

AVA LAB SYSTEMS PVT LTD has been trying to bring innovative & quality product to Indian industry and offer the best after sales service for customer’s satisfaction.

At AVA LAB SYSTEMS PVT LTD it remains a constant endeavor to provide our customers with :
- High-quality Innovative & durable products
- Plug & Play, Easy-to-use, user-serviceable equipment
- Built-in safety features
- ISO 9001 certified product range

Our business staff, having years of experience, help customers in selecting products, most suited for their Applications.

A-316, Road No. 22, Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane (West) 400 604, Maharashtra, INDIA.

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Website Designer in Thane

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Recognized as a Professional Graphic Designing Company, our Graphic Designers produce unique professional international quality Graphic Designs.

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“My Blue Pharmachem is rating on the top of the charts, proud to be with YCC. Within a year I have started doing business with International Clients. ”
“My beauty salon is growing fast, and credit goes to YCC. My website traffic is reaching heights day by day due to two strong reasons 1st Design and 2nd is SEO.”
“I am satisfied and very much happy to see my website on the 1st Position on Google Page - Ranking top of the charts. I appreciate their hard work.”
“My Blue Pharmachem is rating on the top of the charts, proud to be with YCC. Within a year I have started doing business with International Clients. ”
“My beauty salon is growing fast, and credit goes to YCC. My website traffic is reaching heights day by day due to two strong reasons 1st Design and 2nd is SEO.”
“I am satisfied and very much happy to see my website on the 1st Position on Google Page - Ranking top of the charts. I appreciate their hard work.”
“My Blue Pharmachem is rating on the top of the charts, proud to be with YCC. Within a year I have started doing business with International Clients. ”
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Yash Computer Consultancy known as YCC (YCCINDIA) is Digital Company offers Digital Printing Services and Web Solutions have experience of more than 20 years. We have dedicated 12 members in our online and offline team.

Roger Garfield

Chairman-Founder, Web Master
Mr. Dhiren Shah is a founder chairman of YCC. After completing his studies in Computer Engineering and Advertising, he started YCC in 1995 and formed Yash Computer Consultancy as a first digital company in Thane to provide all kinds of Digital Printing and Web Solutions.

Roger Garfield

Sr. Web Developer
Creative and Dynamic female Ms. Sandhya Patil is a senior web developer in our team. She handles Web Design department along with SEO & PPC Team. She leads the customer support for both printing division and web designing work.

Roger Garfield

Sr. Marketing Manager
Smart and talented marketing specialist Ms. Sushma Raut takes care of Website Marketing, Sales lead management with her online connectivity. She leads the entire team of Social Media Networking along with integration of Facebook, Twitter and Google verification.


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Website Designer in Thane

Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizer

Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizer
Find out the Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizer
Kangen Water Benefits, From Makes You Body Healthy to Makes Your Skin Looks Pretty
leveluk sd501 kangen water machine.

There’s so much benefits you can get from single Kangen Water machine. A Kangen Water machine can produces alkaline drinking water that good for your health, beauty water that can make your skin looks pretty, strong acidic that can cure your wound, etc. Here we’ll explain you the benefits of drinking Kangen Water everyday in your daily life.

Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizer

1. Increase Hydration
Kangen Water is produced by Kangen Water Ionizing Machine (example LeveLuk SD501 type). The process of ionization reduces the size of the water molecular cluster by two-thirds. The cluster of water molecules takes on a hexagonal shape when ionzied. Smaller, hexagonal water clusters are more able to penetrate the cellular membranes, enhancing tissue repair and waste removal. The amount of hexagonal water produced depends on the surface of the electrolysis plates and the electrical power devoted to ionization.
2. Balance Body pH
Kangen Water raises your source water pH by ionizing or splitting the water molecule (H2O) resluting in the ions H+ (hydrogen with a positive electrical charge), and OH- (hydroxyl with a negative electrical charge), as well as ionic alkaline minerals. This abundance of OH- ions increases the bicarbonate buffers in the blood, balancing the body and neutralizing and excreting acids and toxins.
3. Increase Blood Oxygenation transportation in the blood
Strong, fresh Kangen Water contains an abundance of hydroxyl ions (OH-) which donate free electrons to unstable oxygen free radicals, resulting in stable oxygen molecules. According to experts, drinking Kangen Water on a regular basis will increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood. Stable oxygen (a nonreactive oxygen molecule with evenly paired electrons – no electrical charge) provides us with mental alertness and is invigorating and energizing to the body.

4. Neutralize Free Radicals
According to Dr.Hidemitsu Hayashi, Director of The Water Institute Tokyo, Japan, because active oxygen is a free radical and can damage normal tissue, it is essential to remove it or neutralize it before it can cause damage to healthy tissue. “If we can find an effective method to block the oxidation of healthy tissue by active oxygen, then we can attempt to prevent disease,” Dr. Hayashi explains.
Kangen Water, with an abundance of hydroxyl ions (OH-), provides extra electrons that neutralize destructive free radicals circulating throughout the body. Kangen Water carries a high negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) when it is first produced, making it a potent anti-oxidant.
“When taken internally, the reduced ionized water with its redox potential, or ORP, of -250 to -350 mV readily donates its electrons to oddball oxygen radicals and block the interaciton of the active oxygen with normal molecules,” Dr. Hayashi adds.
5. Makes Your Body Healthy
According to experts, 75% of our body consists of water. Subtle changes in the pH of the body’s “inner sea” can affect overall health, feeling of wellbeing, level of fatigue, pain, weight and athletic performance. pH balance and acid buffering are crucial to human helath and slowing the aging process.
In Japan hospitals and clinics have used purified, electrically restructured, hexagonal, ionized, alkaline Kangen Water, for over 40 years to treat a number of disease conditions. According to peer reviewed scientific studies that have been performed in well respected universities and hospitals around the world, drinking Kangen Water can:
  • Release excess body fat and stored toxins
  • Normalize blood sugar and insulin
  • Normalize blood pressure
  • Support healthy colon function
  • Resolve urinary tract infections
  • Reliev asthma and chronic respiratory infections
  • Stop abnormal gastro-intestinal putrefaction
  • Reduce proliferation of candida, fungus, and undesirable microforms
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Improve wound healing
The medical device used in Japanese hospitals and clinics to achieve the above results can now be purchased for home use because Kangen Water Machine is now available in INDIA. As. Dr. David Carpenter, ND says, dave carpenter kangen water
Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizer
“In my experience, Kangen Water supercharges your nutritional program better than anything. Water is the key and this Kangen Water Enagic is the best water I know of. Anyone who gives it an honest try will experience it in their own health without question!” -Dr. Dave Carpenter (Naturopathic M.D & President of the International Iridology) Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizer, Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizer, Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizer

5 Types of Water Can Be Produced With Only Using ONE Kangen Water Machine

All you have to do is just press the pH BUTTON on Kangen Water machine to produce any type of water you want. There are total 5 different water with different pH levels, each has its own unique benefits.
1. Kangen Drinking Water (pH 8.5 – 9.5)
This is the primary reason people purchase a home water ionizer. The properties of Kangen Water are thoroughly discussed in “About KANGEN WATER” and consumption of it is recommended by numerous health professionals.
“After years of very positive continuous clinical experiments that I am conducting with hundreds of clients using electronically restructured alkaline water, it is my opinion that this technology will change the way in which all health providers and the public will approach their health in the coming years. My suggestion is to drink restructured alkaline water whenever possible,” says Felicia Drury Kliment, MD author of The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet.
Using Kangen Water pH 8.5 – 9.5 will makes your drinking water and dishes more flavored.
Kangen Water (pH 8.5 – 9.5) has this speciality
Swelling effect : It has the power to soften substances
Dissolving effect : It has the ability to draw out substances more readily
Thermal conduction : It reduces boiling time
You can use Kangen Water pH 8.5 – 9.5 to:
Cook rice : use it for washing & cooking. The result is delicious and fluffy rice.
With Coffee, tea, or green tea : For which taste and aroma are everything, you will be surprised at the improved color, taster, and aroma. And you can use less coffee, tea, or green tea, and still achieve a full rich taste due to extractive ability.
With other strongly acidic foods : Drink Kangen water together when eating strongly acidic foods such as meat, egg yolks, the alkaline water will help your body balance the acidic effects of those foods.
In soup and stews : Kangen Water draws out the flavor of ingredients so they tender and juicy. Therefore, less seasoning such as salt and soy sauce needed, and it is perfect for people trying to reduce their salt intake.
Use for washing vegetables : Use Kangen Water to remove rawness of onions, bamboo shoots, burdock, or the like.
2. Neutral / Clean Water (pH 7.0)
This type of water can be used when taking medication or in baby formula. The three layered, high powered, water cleaning filter removes not only chlorine but also matters such as rust, impurities, and lead, and you will obtain delicious, clean water that contains needed minerals. Don’t forget to use clean water when you prepare your baby’s formula or when you take medication.
3. Beauty Water (pH 6.0)
Beauty Water offers cleansing and astringent qualities which lends a softness to skin and tightens pores just as a “toner” would. It’s great for sensitive skin and problems like psoriasis, rashes, eczema or dry skin. (Note: This water is NOT for drinking!)
4. Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5)
This water has excellent cleaning and disinfecting properties that can prevent food poisoning. It kills HIV and other viruses, staph (MRSA), strep, candida, athlete’s foot fungus, E. coli, salmonella, and a host of other pathogens in 30 seconds to a minute. (Note: This water is NOT for drinking!)
Strong Acidic Water can also be used to:
  • Sanitize your knives, cutting boards and dish towels
  • Disinfect the hand
  • Disinfect your toothbrushes or to brush your teeth with
  • Clean your skin
  • Remove tea incrustations
5. Strong Kangen Water (pH 11.5)
Strong Kangen Water is produced simultaneously from flexible (upper) pipe when you press Strong Acidic Water pH 2.5 button. Strong Kangen Water pH 11.5 has a detergent effect and is able to dissolve and draw out oil based substances. Strong Kangen Water can emulisifies oil, cleans oily or greasy things, remove pesticide residue from produce and infuses vegetables with negative ions that retard degeneration. (Note: This water is NOT for drinking!)
You can also use Strong Kangen Water to:
  • Clean cutting boards, knives and dishes.
  • Sterilize vegetables, meat and fresh fish.
  • Remove slime and stains on floor.
  • Remove stains from toilet.
  • Remove spots from coffee, soy sauce.
  • Use for washing clothes in order to reduce the consumption of detergent.
  • Remove the harness of wild plants such as bamboo shoots, brackens or flowering ferns.
Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizer,Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizer, Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizer
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